Used Clothes

Used clothes we sort and grade can supply sorted or non-sorted as required in any compression bale size of 100kg,80kg,55kg,45kg whatever.we can supply Rags for recycling in bulk quantity.

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Used Shoes

Used shoes we have Cream A , Cream B , Africa Grade A , Africa grade A+B packing of 25 kg PP sack ( 52-55 Pairs in each sack ) or 40 KG PP sack.

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Used Bags

Used Bags we make both 100kg compressed bales or 40 KG PP sack.we also supply separately the school bags and backpacks in bulk order of both Used and the new stock lots.

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Quality Used clothing,Shoes,Bags etc.

Our main source of products are Door to Door collection,Shop return goods,salvation army donated products and a lot of local recycling daily collection.We also supply our used products from Japan,USA and Canada in bulk orders.


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