Dear sir,
We got new stock flip flops and Croc for adult and children with very nice printing as follow: 
A) Flip Flop 
1. total about 230,000pairs in stock
2. sizes: 36-44, ratio-1:1
3. mens and ladies 3:7
4. 120pairs in a bale
Price: US$0.32/pair 
B) Adult and Children Croc ( Clog) 
Mens, Ladies and Kids Colourful  Crocs Stock
Colour: Mixed colours
Total about 20 x 40HQ in stock.
MOQ: 1x 40HQ, 
a 40HQ load Adult-20000pairs, 
a 40HQ load kids-40000pairs
1x40HQ: Adult- US$0.70/pair, Kids- US$0.60/pair
2x40HQ above: Adult- US$0.60/pair, kids- US$0.50/pair
Pictures: Please ask us.
Product Video: Please click this link:
Best regards